New Title of magazine

I have decide to adopt/imitate the total film title for my film magazine as i have found out that empire do not tend to review comedy films they are more based with the big budget blockbusters, so it would be unlikely they would create a magazine with Golf Movie as the main article.

This is what my magazine looks like now with the newadjustments.


Trailer research

This is research and quotes from the book Lisa Kernan, Coming Attractions: Reading American Movie Trailers (University of Texas Press, 2004):

‘trailers are film paratexts. As Gérard Genette has characterised them”

‘Trailers offer audiences ‘concise, direct-address cinematic texts that serve as both attractions and as a form or persuasion’

‘most trailers have in common a few generic features: some sort of introductory or concluding address to the audience about the film either through titles or narration, selected scenes from the film, montages of quick-cut action scenes, and identifications of significant cast members or characters.’

‘trailers commonly utilize codes of voice-over narration, sound and sound overlapping, music, graphics, and most importantly, editing, or montage.’

Changing film magazine title

Whilst doing further research into film magazine, i have seen that imitating empire magazine will not be suitable as empire magazine tend to cover only big action blockbusters, and i could not find an issue of empire where a comedy film is splashed on the front cover. So whilst doing my reseach i came across total film magazine which covers a broader range of film genres, and i was able to find an example of a total film magazine with a comedy film on the cover, so when making my magazine i will use the title of total film instead of empire.

Analysis of a film magazine cover

Finally, i have found a film cover which has some relevance to the genre of the film i intend to reproduce.

The cover is dominated by the lead actor of the film,Simon Pegg, The picture shows him holding a bloody cricket bat, as my film is about golf i could re-create a similar piece, with my lead actor holding a golf clubin his hand and staring intently at the camera. The cover emphasises the genre of the film along with the actual film itself.