The music magazine cover


This is my music magazine cover to date, i was thinking of putting the title behind his head. I decided to use this photo by the skip as it is relatively close up to the star, also he is relatively big compared to the photo so your eyes are immediately drawn to him. Also on this photo he is not looking at the camera and he looks zoned out and in his own element. Also the writing on the cover is random and lots of different colours so i will probably need to change this over time, and generally just tidy up the magazine and align the writing. 


The photos for my new music magazine cover

These are all the photos i took for my magazine, with all of them i tried to get a picture of a one person and give them a nice background to frame the photo so i could change the background if necessary. I decided not to use the photo of the kid sliding down the bannister as that look to sort of ‘ravish’ and rowdy for my chillout music magazine. Also i decided to move the photo shoot to outside as i struggled to get enough light inside to make the artist standout. I decided to get him to to sit down by the red skip as it make him look relaxed and sort of in his own little world. Also the red skip has a stiking and almost romantic image of the kid, this sort of interlinks with the chillout theme.

Music Magazine Cover so Far

I know originally i said i wouldnt put a frame on my magazine as it is only A5 size, but now i have decided to put in a frame as it makes the magazine look tidier, also it underlines the Title and makes it standout more + i still think i will have enough room for my photo. Also i decided to develop the magazine cover with the  light blue backgrund, as i thought it looked better and was more appropriate

Music Magazine background + Title

I have decided that The title for my magazine will be Buzz as it proved to be the most popular answer in my poll. The name seems to suit the magazine i Intend to make, as i am not looking to make a heavy metal or an Indie magazine. But i am looking to make a magazine looking to support chilout music, as it has a small mainstream popularity and will be more suitable for older people which i am aiming my magazine at.  As i am looking to produce a chillout magazine i believe a light blue or green background as these colours create a more relaxed theme/image for my magazine. Although this is done i need to be wary of the space needed for my photos, and whether they will conflict with my background


Originally with  my music magazine cover i thought i would try and insert a frame. Yet looking at previous editions of Fly magazine they dont have a frame they just tend to have a picture on their cover. Also i intend for my magazine to be A5 size, so would their really be enough room for a frame and photo. The frame also just doesnt look right it would be more suited to a bigger sized magazine.