Q2-How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?

All three texts that have been created are focused around the one man and lead actor Sam Griffiths, he is the main feature of the magazine as well as having his photo at the centre of the poster, and he also takes the leading role throughout the trailer and he features in nearly all the scenes.

My film poster is designed just to make people aware of the film it has no mention of a release date it just has details of the production company, the film tile and a catchy tagline at the top to get people interested and thinking about the film. The film trailer itself is a short trailer which tells you everything you need to know about the film, with details of the release date, the title, the main actors, the production company as well as featuring some funny moments which would be from the upcoming film, this is the main selling point of the trailer it is supposed to be funny and attract the potential audience towards the film as well as generate some interest which will hopefully lead to viewers of the trailer building it up via word of mouth.

The magazine issue is theoretically supposed to give readers of film magazines an insight to the movie as well as give the potential viewers a chance to learn more about the actors that star in the film. Hopefully the magazine would be published at a couple of weeks before the film will be released as it will help generate interest as well as giving an introduction to Sam Griffiths who is not a world renowned actor yet, and he is unlikely to have built up a large fan base, so the magazine would help the potential viewers get to know him a little bit better.

When looking at film magazine covers I found out that it was essential to get at least a close up photo shot of the main character as all the magazines I found in my research consisted of a big name star taking centre stage on the magazine poster. I therefore found it necessary for my magazine cover to follow these conventions.

The trailer, magazine and poster all have similar effects in the way that they will all be released in advance of the films release, they should all generate interest within my target market as well as word of mouth spreading between people who have seen the forms of media and their friends who haven’t. I believe the trailer is the most significant part of the pre-film advertising, as people are more likely to see the trailer rather than see my poster or read a magazine cover, plus with YouTube trailers have become more accessible to the public, and cheaper for film producers who can put their trailer on YouTube which will be cheaper than buying airtime to advertise on TV. Also YouTube is one of the most popular websites in the world with millions of users every day. Already my trailer on YouTube has had hundreds of views, the poster and film magazine would be used to generate interest and encourage more people to watch my trailer, the posters would be displayed in city centres and they would get people to sub-consciously think about my film.

To see what the target audience thought of my media texts I put them on my blog as well as putting my work on the social network site facebook in an effort to see what people thought about my work. Putting my work on facebook helped as most of the people I am friends with on facebook would be part of my target audience.  The majority of feedback on my trailer, criticized the fact that it was not in widescreen, but people generally found the content amusing, and enjoyed watching the trailer. The poster was generally well-received as well by the people i showed it to, they commented on how it followed the conventions of most other movie posters, the people could also see where i had drawn my ideas from when i showed them the Caddyshack and Waterboy movie posters. With my magazine my reviewers were more critical, partly due to the visually unpleasing photo, but also with a magazine cover it is hard to make it funny especially when i adopted the structure of a very serious film magazine company


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