Q4-What have you learned from your audience feedback?

After completing my project i made sure got people from my target audience to look at and give me feedback on my work.

In the early stages of creating my trailer i benefited greatly from the findings of the polls i constructed as these helped me decide what genre trailer i should produce and the title of my trailer.The video below shows some young men watching my trailer, as i was producing a comedy trailer it was good to see. This video also confirmed that my trailer was suitable for my target market as the people in the video werent critical of my trailer and they seemed to enjoy watching it. My media teacher also noted though that my trailer could be better if the mise en scene was better, as my characters clothing doesn’t necessarily reflect golfing attire. It is something i would definitely address next time round. People i showed my trailer to also noticed it was not in widescreen which is something i should try and have a go at. But on the positive side viewers of my trailer found it amusing and good to watch, with few real complaints about the content or the diegetic music. So i am pleased with the final outcome of my trailer as are the majority of people who have seen it. The audience for my trailer expected it to be funny as my trailer was meant to be in the comedy genre.

The people i asked to view my film poster generally thought it looked good and professional, but they were crutucak of the large amounts of blank white space which was left in the background, they were expecting a bolder colour to make the poster standout more. The poster looks professional though and there are very few aspects i would consider changing as i believe the tagline and the photo work well together, + nobody had any criticism of the actual layout of the poster. My teacher also didnt really see any room for improvement after i showed him the finish product so i was pleased with the outcome of my poster and the positive feedback it received.

My film poster was difficult to create, i relied heavily on audience feedback on whether or not my magazine cover looked authentic enough as i was not creating my own magazine i was borrowing the total film magazine title and i needed reassurance that my work looked like a cover that total film would produce. I therefore asked people to tell me whether or not my cover looked good enough, but people noticed the clear difference in standard, but they were able to notice some similarities with my cover. The people i asked to look at my magazine generally expected a neat organised cover with a close up photo of somebody which is genuinely what i tried to produce. My film magazine was not as successful as my film poster as more people were critical of my film magazine and if i could do it again i would make sure i devoted more time to the creation of my film magazine cover. With my film poster i always knew in my own mind what i was going to try and create so i only benefited from the feedback after production.


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