Planning my trailer

For my film trailer¬†i am planning to create a trailer for a comedy movies, in order for my trailer to look good and successful i will need to look back on my research of comedy trailers and follow the conventions of previous comedy trailers. Producing a comedy trailer will be tough as it will take a lot of planning and preparation, i will also have to make a script which will incorporate funny aspects into the trailer as an comedy trailer which doesn’t make you laugh suggests the film itself won’t make you laugh.


Media Presentation

The powerpoint presentation above is one which i composed in a group. The powerpoint is based on film language and the powerpoint focuses on the main aspects of the film language which are cinematography, editing, sound, mise en scene and special effects, the research and powerpoint is useful as it helps to understand what i need to think through when i am producing my own trailer.

My film trailer ideas

The main theme of my trailer will be to follow the story of one man who wants to make it big in the golfing world. However i intend to make a comedy trailer so i will have to emphasise the situation and make the mans goal out to be near impossible. The trailer will be aimed at people of a younger audience as the trailer is likely to contain a lot of slapstick comedy which i believe will be more appreciated by a younger audience