Title for my trailer

As i am making a film trailer, i have had to come up with a name for the film which i am making the trailer for the name i have decided to create a poll to help me decide on which title will be most suitable and most appealing to people of a relevant audience.

Music in my trailer

I have decided to use a music track in the background of my trailer, as the music is relevant to the theme of the trailer as my trailer is golf-based and the music originates from the bbc golf-theme, therefore  people who like sport, predominantly golf, will understand the significance and relevance of the music but other viewers of the trailer will like it as well as it has an upbeat tempo and i believe it fits in well with my trailer. 

 Also i have found/looked at other comedy trailers which use music in order to build up the tension and comedy in the film, but also with my trailer i plan to incorporate a voiceover and if you watch the happy gilmore trailer on my blog you can see the trailer contains both music and a voiceover.  I intend to use the voiceover in my trailer to emphasize and build up to the funnier moments in my trailer.

Planning my trailer

For my film trailer i am planning to create a trailer for a comedy movies, in order for my trailer to look good and successful i will need to look back on my research of comedy trailers and follow the conventions of previous comedy trailers. Producing a comedy trailer will be tough as it will take a lot of planning and preparation, i will also have to make a script which will incorporate funny aspects into the trailer as an comedy trailer which doesn’t make you laugh suggests the film itself won’t make you laugh.