Film magazine covers

As well as doing a trailer and poster, i also have to produce a magazine cover for my film, so here are some examples of previous film trailers

Empire is the most succesful and most read film magazine, yet all there covers seem to follow the same pattern, they get a big name actor to take centre shot on their magazine cover  and they fit the information around them, like in the magazine cover above the title is behind the main actors head, and there are plenty of references about what is in the magazine, empire also uses the same title scheme for all its magazines. When it comes to making my magazine cover i will look to imitate the style of empire magazine. The magazine cover below as you can see is very similar structurally to the cover above.


Time management

If i am going to complete my trailer on time and to a good standard i am going to have to use my time effectively.  To make things easier i am going to write a plan of what i intend to do week on week and update my blog when i have finished each of these tasks.  This is what i have planned to last me up until mid-January

14-21st December

  • For this week i intend to take photos of all my location shots
  • I will recruit some suitable people to act in my trailer over the holidays
  • keep my blog up to date

Xmas holidays

  • Get the filming for my trailer completed
  • Work on my film poster and magazine cover

5-12th January

  • Work with the film clips to compose the trailer
  • Complete my research and planning stage
  • Further work on poster and magazine cover

Film Posters

As part of my design spec i have to create a poster to accompany my film trailer so here below are some existing film posters which are similar to the type of thing i am going to try and replicate.

This is the poster for the film Caddyshack, as you may have noticed i have already used the Caddyshack trailer for analysis earlier, as it is similar to the type of trailer im looking to produce i assume the poster will be of some use as well.  The poster above pictures the 4 main characters popping out of the 19th hole on a green, the green background goes with the golfing theme the fact there is no 19th hole in golf gives the indication that the film is a joke. It also has a strong tag line across the top of the poster, of some people just dont belong. It also includes the credits of the main people at the bottom of the poster.

This is another poster from a comedy sports-related film, it has a strong tag line across the top which signifies the importance of the main character, also on this poster there is only one character featured this shows that he is the most important character of the film as he is the only person who’s name is referenced as well.

This is also a different poster for the film Caddyshack, This one shows a golf ball in the centre of the shot, covered by some big red lips, the golf ball tells us the film is based around golf, and the red lips signify romance in the film, the tag line in this poster is a comedy that bites, this basically tells us it is a comedy film with an edge to it.