Final Film Magazine Cover

This is the final version of my film magazine.


New Title of magazine

I have decide to adopt/imitate the total film title for my film magazine as i have found out that empire do not tend to review comedy films they are more based with the big budget blockbusters, so it would be unlikely they would create a magazine with Golf Movie as the main article.

This is what my magazine looks like now with the newadjustments.

Changing film magazine title

Whilst doing further research into film magazine, i have seen that imitating empire magazine will not be suitable as empire magazine tend to cover only big action blockbusters, and i could not find an issue of empire where a comedy film is splashed on the front cover. So whilst doing my reseach i came across total film magazine which covers a broader range of film genres, and i was able to find an example of a total film magazine with a comedy film on the cover, so when making my magazine i will use the title of total film instead of empire.

Film magazine covers

As well as doing a trailer and poster, i also have to produce a magazine cover for my film, so here are some examples of previous film trailers

Empire is the most succesful and most read film magazine, yet all there covers seem to follow the same pattern, they get a big name actor to take centre shot on their magazine coverĀ  and they fit the information around them, like in the magazine cover above the title is behind the main actors head, and there are plenty of references about what is in the magazine, empire also uses the same title scheme for all its magazines. When it comes to making my magazine cover i will look to imitate the style of empire magazine. The magazine cover below as you can see is very similar structurally to the cover above.