Final Movie Poster

This is my final film poster


The film poster so far

This is what my film poster is looking like at this stage, i have done all the background work now all i need is a good picture and a caption to compliment the film, but overall i am pleased with my poster progress.

Film Posters

As part of my design spec i have to create a poster to accompany my film trailer so here below are some existing film posters which are similar to the type of thing i am going to try and replicate.

This is the poster for the film Caddyshack, as you may have noticed i have already used the Caddyshack trailer for analysis earlier, as it is similar to the type of trailer im looking to produce i assume the poster will be of some use as well.  The poster above pictures the 4 main characters popping out of the 19th hole on a green, the green background goes with the golfing theme the fact there is no 19th hole in golf gives the indication that the film is a joke. It also has a strong tag line across the top of the poster, of some people just dont belong. It also includes the credits of the main people at the bottom of the poster.

This is another poster from a comedy sports-related film, it has a strong tag line across the top which signifies the importance of the main character, also on this poster there is only one character featured this shows that he is the most important character of the film as he is the only person who’s name is referenced as well.

This is also a different poster for the film Caddyshack, This one shows a golf ball in the centre of the shot, covered by some big red lips, the golf ball tells us the film is based around golf, and the red lips signify romance in the film, the tag line in this poster is a comedy that bites, this basically tells us it is a comedy film with an edge to it.