Distibution of music magazines

NME like most music magazines nowadays has its own website, from the websites people can order copies of magazines over the internet and have them delivered to their home as well as this people can buy subscriptions. Also on the website potential retailers can place orders for the magazine also they have contact details of all the editors and top dogs at NME magazine. The website also has certain exclusives which you will not find in the magazine.


Adding quote marks

  In most music magazines they tend to use quotes , and put a key quote with the picture of the main star or a band member of the article. For example


On the right is my attempt at using quotation marks although i may need to try a more interesting font

Double page spread

I have been looking at an issue of portal magazine, and many of their double page spreads are based on interviews with bands.  The layout of there pages are interesting as on many, they have a big picture with quotation marks to summarise the bands feeling. I still need a photo but it is going well.


what a contents page should be like

A contents page should tell you what is where in a magazine, the contents page should be clear and not overcrowded, most contents pages have a picture of the main star and a number relating to which page the star is on.  For my contents i am looking to keep it clear and easily readable + i am looking to put a big photo in to draw peoples attention to the main star.


Originally with  my music magazine cover i thought i would try and insert a frame. Yet looking at previous editions of Fly magazine they dont have a frame they just tend to have a picture on their cover. Also i intend for my magazine to be A5 size, so would their really be enough room for a frame and photo. The frame also just doesnt look right it would be more suited to a bigger sized magazine.


The Music magazine market

 The Music magazine market that shrunk by 12.2 per cent in the second half of 2008. This shows that the demand for mainstream magazines like NME is falling, whereas magazines aimed at smaller segments of the music magazine industry appear to be on the rise as magazines like classic rock and Future Music posted a growth in sales for 2008. There has also been an increase in sales/growth for many specialist guitarist magazines. , Guitarist – 31,917 (8.5%), Guitar Techniques – 22,387 (7.0%), The Guitar Magazine – 11,994 (3.0%) the only guitar based magazine which is struggling is total guitar.

Ofcom’s Communications Market report revealed on Thursday that 15 to 24-year-olds were reading fewer magazines and turning their attention away from traditional media in favour of the internet. This suggests that I should try and aim my music magazine for an older generation as fewer young people are buying music magazines.

The current most distributed music magazine in the UK is The Fly, it circulation number is over 100,000 copies for every issue. The Fly is A5-sized, and is distributed around most record shops, bars and venues but its main distributor is HMV.The magazine is distributed throughout  Great Britain and Ireland. The Fly is a free music magazine which maybe largely due to its success, as magazines which you have to pay for have seen a sharp decline in sales.