The target audience

Every trailer created is aimed at a target audience, If it didnt have a specific target market the trailer isnt going to encourge people to go watch the film the trailer is advertising.  The target audience for my trailer will primarily be people who have an interest in sport as the film trailer is generally portraying a spoof movie about golf. The trailer is also aimed at men more than women as men tend to have more of an interest in sport generally, also the film is more of a straight-up comedy, and looking at cinema viewing figures from 2008 men go to the cinema more than women with 20% of all males over the age 0f 7 going to the cinema at least once a month with the figure being 17% for females. Also the statistics indicated that teenagers and young adults visit the cinema most frequently. In the UK in 2008,  41% of those aged 15 to 24, along with 31% of those aged 7 to 14 and 22% of those aged 25 to 34, reported attending the cinema at least once a month. These statistics suggest the largest market is that of young people so i will adapt my trailer and film idea to be more appealing to a younger audience.


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