Q7 Evaluation

Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?

When you compare my school magazine to my finished music magazine the difference is staggering, the school magazine i attempted was wild and uncoordinated, though this was in part due to my lack of experience of the tools needed to produce the magazine cover. My school magazine was of poor quality,but now with my acquired knowledge im sure i could make a more respectable school magazine cover.

The main skill which i have developed over the year has been my ability to edit and manipulate photographs, in the school magazine i made very little attempt to modify the photos i took, but on the music magazine i would like to think my photo manipulation was shown. With the school magazine i struggled to understand the concepts of what made a magazine look good and how good magazines were structured, yet over the year i researched and looked deeply into magazine covers and magazine conventions and i believed this helped greatly when i went to produce my music magazine.

The feedback and advice given to me by friends and teachers on my school magazine helped me greatly as they could all see basic flaws in my design which i couldnt see. This also helped underline the importance of feedback to me, and as often as i could i responded to feedback and made changes accordingly.

I feel i have learnt since the preliminary task how to upload more formats of work onto my blog, as well as this my photoshop ability has increased immensely, now i feel more confident with photoshop wheras with the school magazine task i avoided using photoshop when i could. I now understand the importance of the blog and how it can be used to show planning, research and developments, whereas before i didnt really appreciate the blog or use the blogs potential. I produced the preliminary task magazine without any real sense of direction, but on the music magazine i believe i focused more effort and attention. In the music magazine i believe i was more focused and put more concentration and effort into the task this is why i was able to perform better, and why i learnt more and embraced using new tools and techmnology.

Below are my two magazine covers:Music Magazine (left) School magazine/preliminary task(Right)



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