Q2 & Q3 of my evaluation

 These are some answers to some questions on my work.

2. How does your media product represent particular social groups?

The main aim for me was to produce a music magazine specialising in Chillout and relaxation music, I believe this has been presented in the light colours used throughout the magazine.

The original target market for my magazine was middle aged adults but with my magazine looking the way it is I believe my magazine is still suited to middle aged adults and now teenagers and young adults as well.

The people who I photographed for my music magazine young teenagers this connotes that the magazine is mainly aimed at young people. Also the colours inside the magazine are very bright due to me going with an orange and yellow colour scheme, this also suggests the magazine is for younger people as the vibrant colours used I believe appeal more to young people.

I purposefully chose the model for my front page, as he has the look of someone musical with his long hair, but also I asked him not to look at the camera during the photo shoot as when he was looking away it Media Evaluation

makes him look almost confused and he doesn’t know what he’s looking for as is the case with many teenagers, as many are confused and unsure of the direction in which their life is heading.

Also though I tried to make sure the people used in my magazine looked smart, wearing jeans etc, as this made them look like young adults which would encourage young adults to follow the trends the people in the photos have set.

3. What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

My music magazine would not be suitable for retail in all shops, as I personally do not believe that there is a big enough market for my magazine to be sold in every newsagent and corner shops (e.g the Co-op) unlike major well established big brand magazines like NME and Q.  If I was going to sell my magazine in shops I would prefer for it to be stocked in stores which specialise in music like HMV. The ideal place for my magazine to be distributed would be in a café where people go to relax and escape reality. However the chances of cafés wanting to stock my magazine would be unlikely.  

When I was doing my research of NME magazine I discovered the magazine was produced by IPC media which distributes 3 music based magazines, NME, Uncut and Guitar&Bass, but IPC also distributes hundreds of different types of magazine so maybe IPC maybe willing to publish and distribute my magazine if I approached them with a business plan for my magazine. http://www.ipcmedia.com/

Some magazines are handed out free although these magazines, have high distribution they generate all their income from advertising and I would be unwilling to bombard my magazine with adverts. The only other method of distribution would be convincing people to buy subscriptions to my magazine but few people are likely to subscribe to some random magazine they have never read or heard about before, and they would be very unlikely to pay money just to read my magazine.


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