Evaluating my magazine Q1

In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

My magazine cover follows the conventions of most music magazine cover, as my front cover is dominated by a picture of a leading well known artist, the main photo of the big star is the main selling point for nearly all music magazines as people working magazine stand will instantly recognise the star and this will draw them to the magazine and encourage the person to buy the magazine.The problem with my photo is that i might have zoomed in slightly too muchand my model isnt looking at the camera, but i never wanted him to but looking at other magazines maybe it would have been better had the model been looking down the camera so it looks as if he is making eye contact with the reader or people who are looking at the magazine.  I learnt this from looking at backdated copies of NME and Portal magazine.  Also on the cover  i loaded up the sides of the cover with sub headings referring to other well known artists, one thng which i did differently was that i used a variety of  fonts and colours, which is different to many magazines like NME, which follow the same colour scheme and fonts. Despite this the fonts are easily readable and ive come up with my own unique title and colour scheme for the title. The title name BUZZ came out on top of my poll.

I tried to aim my magazine for music lovers who appreciate chillout music, this was not an easy magazine style to produce as there was no other magazines of a similar nature which specialise in chillout music so i had very little resources to compare my work to, so i didnt know what was good and what was bad.  The whole idea for me making a chillout magazine was that it would be unique and that maybe there was a gap in the market for my magazine.

My contents page uses a very bright colour, but also the contents page is dominated by a different photo with another, looking at contents pages from Drummer and NME magazine, these magazine also had a photo with a little page number on it, my photo also has this, I also made sure the title of my magazine was on the front page, and the contents page.

these points are empaphised if you have a look at my front cover next to the front cover of another music magazine.



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