My research of NME magazine

I have decided to take a closer look at the working of NME magazine, as it longest running published music magazine. It is also probably the most recognised music magazine in the world. Over the years Nme has expanded and now includes NME Tv and NME radio. I have decided to take a closer look at NME as i could not find a magazine of similar stature to my music magazine.  NME is owned by the large corporate  brand IPCmedia. IPC publish a large variety of magazines not just music magazines they have diversified so they have a suitable ,magazine for every section of the market. But in the music magazine market IPC publishes 2 other magazines to NME, these are Uncut and Guitar&Bass. Uncut focuses mainly on rock music from all time periods it also has a few sections about films. Guitar&Bass is like a guide for all good guitar players or people who generally have an interest in guitars. This shows that IPC have tried to make music magazines suitable for all the genre in music.

“IPC Media produces over 85 iconic media brands, with our print brands alone reaching almost two thirds of UK women and 44% of UK men –almost 27 million UK adults – while our online brands collectively reach 20 million users every month.”


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